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...If we don't have it, you don't need it!

Our little on-line store launched in January, 2018. If we had all of our products listed, there would be, let me see, one GAZILLION items. So we thought we'd start with our four most-requested products and add from there. We plan to  add to our online store, a

few items at a time, until we reach the gazillion mark. 

Thanks for your support! Because of you, Bachmann's Store is looking forward to the next 75 years in downtown Central Lake!

2022 BACHMANN'S MUG - 80th Anniversary Edition

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THIS YEAR, our mug is celebrating our 80th Anniversary!!!

Looking like an enamel-ware cup, this gem is actually ceramic. Your co-workers will WISH they could borrow your Bachmann's mug when they see how it's made big enough for a REAL cup of coffee.

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