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...If we don't have it, you don't need it!

Our little on-line store launched in January, 2018. If we had all of our products listed, there would be, let me see, one GAZILLION items. So we thought we'd start with our four most-requested products and add from there. We plan to  add to our online store, a

few items at a time, until we reach the gazillion mark. 

Thanks for your support! Because of you, Bachmann's Store is looking forward to the next 75 years in downtown Central Lake!

Original Featherstone Pink Flamingo

In stock
Product Details

Even better, throw in a Santa Hat and now your flamingos are Christmas decorations!

  • Raised plastic eyes and painted beak add whimsical, iconic, charming detail to lawns, gardens, flower beds and campsites
  • Resistant to all forms of rust and fading - Made in the USA with galvanized metal and eco-friendly, weather-resistant plastic, your new flock of walking flamingos will stand tall for many seasons to come
  • Set of two original Featherstone flamingos includes one standing with head vertical (34" high with legs) and 1 standing with head curved downward (24" high with legs)
  • Each life-sized flamingo includes metal rod legs, which measure 21 ½” long
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