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The Heart of Central Lake

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and today our Michigan temperature is eight degrees below zero. To thaw my mind, I started thinking about why Bachmann's Store and Central Lake have been together for so many years. There's a reason why Paul and Winnie Bachmann decided in 1942 to open their little five-and-dime in Central Lake. Actually, there were several reasons, and those reamain as true today as they were almost eighty years ago.

1. Central Lake's People--They are friendly, kind to newcomers, and care for each other. Central Lake is a town of good neighbors and good hearts.

2. Central Lake's Beauty--On the water, at the heart of the Chain of Lakes, surrounded by trees, gorgeous farm land, clean air, wow. Central Lake is just as beautiful today as it was when Paul and Winnie Bachmann chose it as their home.

3. Central Lake's Traditions--For as long as we can remember, Central Lake has had the best Fourth of July parade and celebration for miles around. We love a good time. Our Window Night has been happening on the first Wednesday night in December for decades. Central Lake cherishes its traditions.

4. Central Lake's History--Like many small towns, this one began around the lumber industry. Unlike many small towns, Central Lake survived after the boom ended by adapting and changing. We appreciate those who came before us and what they did to keep us on the map.

5. Central Lake's Spirit-- There is no place like Central Lake when a person is in need. Kindness and generosity, help and love are abundant here. Central Lake steps up as a community to do whatever they can when people are confronted with personal disasters. I know this first-hand. The sweet people in this town held me close when my sister died suddenly in October. They shared their love, their wisdom, their prayers. They hugged me tight. My gratitude has no words.

So, this is why we at Bachmann's Store love Central Lake, Michigan. Paul and Winnie Bachmann could not have chosen a better place. Happy Valentine's Day.


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