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The problem with old pictures

Oh, how I love looking at old pictures of Bachmann's Store! I found this little beauty in a cigar box tucked in the back of our old filing cabinet. And, of course, I had to share it with you. Maybe together we can figure out some of the mysteries this vintage image presents.

There is nothing written on the back, and that's the problem. I am certain the photographer never dreamed someone like me in 2016 would find this old picture, but I wish he would have. I wish that every old picture had the date, at least, written on the back.

I consulted my favorite historian--I call him Dad. He said the cars date to 1946-1947. Because both the original Bachmann's and the old bank building to the north appear to be painted the same color, this means the picture was taken after 1946, the year Paul and Winnie Bachmann bought the bank and doubled the size of their store.

I zoomed in on the details, and I hope you do too. You'll see evidence of a restaurant north of Bachmann's, a cool stroller thing with a little kid in it in front of Bachmann's, and lots of other things that give us a little glimpse of Central Lake back in the day.

Because there's nothing written on the back of this picture, I will never know who's standing in front of the store. I wonder if one of the people is my mom, Donna Bachmann Batterbee. Could it be my uncle, Mike Bachmann, in the stroller? What are they looking at on the sidewalk?

Note to self: Write on the back of every picture, because you never know who might find it some day. Include as much information as you can so people in the future won't have to ask any questions when they open an old cigar box and discover that little moment in time.

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